Ideas for Pig & Wolf Sock Puppets

Updated April 17, 2017

"The Three Little Pigs" is a classic tale to share with kids. Don't just read the story with your students, make it come to life with pig and wolf puppets. Have kids make their own set of four puppets, or prepare your puppets prior to class. Engaging young students with a live puppet show will create an educational event they will never forget.

Sock Puppet Pig

Find a clean pink sock. Slip your hand into the sock so that your wrist bends at the heel of the sock. Cut an oval from cardboard, about the size of the base of the sock. Fold the oval in half and attach to the sock where your fingers are. This is the mouth piece. Decorate the sock with ears and snouts cut from construction paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaner tails. Attach each piece using hot glue.

Sock Puppet Wolf

Find a clean brown sock. Repeat the steps for the pig puppet to create the base of the wolf puppet. Attach ears and a brown snout made from felt or construction paper. Attach googly eyes with hot glue.

Lasting Sock Puppets

If you want your sock puppets to last longer than a few days, create the eyes, snout and tail from more durable materials like felt or cloth. Sew the features onto the sock.

Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are a good alternative to sock puppets.

Cut a pair of 1 5/8-by-3-inch felt rectangles. This will serve as the front and back of the animal. Use pink felt for pigs and brown felt for the wolf. Cut ears and snouts from scrap pieces of felt and tails from pipe cleaner. Attach three edges of each rectangle to each other. Attach ears, snout, tails and googly eyes using hot glue.

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