Gifts for a 33-year-old woman

Updated April 17, 2017

For someone who wants to get a gift for a 33-year old woman, several ideas may come to mind. Clothing is an option. The downside of this type of gift is that you'll need to know her personal tastes and size. Generic gifts like candy or flowers lack a personal touch. If you know a woman who is in her 30s, go for a more person gift that demonstrates how much time and thought your put into it.

Gift Basket

Fill up a gift basket with her favourite items. For instance, if the woman loves to cook, fill the basket with different types of pasta and sauces. Include a cookbook so she can prepare her favourite Italian recipes. Book lovers will enjoy several novels penned by a favourite author. For a woman who is into Sylvester Stallone flicks, fill the basket with such movies as "Rocky 1," "Rocky II," and "Rocky III." Include movie treats such as popcorn, candy and soda to make it a true movie night.


Purchase a few CDs of the 33-year-old's favourite artists and wrap them up with a decorative bow. For a music buff, purchase a subscription to a music magazine, such as "Rolling Stone." Give her an iPod with some of her favourite songs already downloaded. Purchase a subscription to an online music downloading site so she can pick and choose her own music. For a true old-school music lover, purchase a vintage record player that allows her to play all of her '80s favourite bands like, "Duran Duran" and "Curiosity Killed the Cat." Purchase a satellite radio for her computer or her car.


For a 33-year-old woman who enjoys a good workout, purchase sports gear, such as walking shoes and a pedometer. If she prefers to work out at home, purchase some of the latest fitness DVDs or a membership to the local gym that gives her the option of taking an exercise class, using the treadmill or taking a dip in the pool. If you're unsure of whether or not she will enjoy the exercise classes, purchase a few passes. If she enjoys these, she can always sign up for more. A fitness guru can always use additional workout clothing. Purchase leggings, tees and socks for her exercise sessions. Update her yoga mat along with a new yoga outfit.

Other Ideas

Jewellery, such as a charm bracelet, is an option for a 33-year-old. Sign her up for cooking or golf lessons. Sign up an avid reader for a literature course so she can discuss her favourite novels. Give her a gift token to a restaurant. A gift card to a clothing store will allow her to pick out her own styles. Hobby gifts include a set of golf clubs or a new tennis racket.

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