Signs that he respects you

Written by devon willis
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Girls need love, but they also need respect. No woman should tolerate it if her man does not treat her with respect and makes her a target of constant ridicule, embarrassment and insults. It is important that the guy respects you because love, trust and respect are the ingredients for any long-lasting relationship.

Takes Your Side

A guy should never allow anyone to abuse or talk ill about a person whom he respects and admires. If your guy's family and friends talk ill about you behind your back or if they come across as abusive or rude, then your partner should never take that lightly and should fight for your cause. This is a very clear indication of the respect he has for you and his intolerance to rude behaviour against you.

Listens to You

Girls usually complain that their guys never take them seriously while they talk and switch the point of discussion whenever they bring up a topic. However, there are some guys who are attentive and listen to their partners. If your guy listens to your talk and responds whenever necessary, it is a clear sign of respect and attentiveness. Girls who are respected by their guys are always given an attentive ear by their men whenever needed.

Gives You Freedom

If your guy lets you live the way you want and does not have any objections with you partying with friends on a regular basis, then it means he trusts and respects you. If your guy takes you to parties and also accompanies you to your parties with friends and family, then it means that he respects you and wants your company constantly.

Constant Communication

People are busy and, with hectic work schedules, it almost becomes impossible to communicate with the outer world and keep in touch with friends and family. However, if your guy stays in touch with you always through phone or text messages despite all the other busy things he is into, then it means that he respects you. This respect for you makes him let you know about his whereabouts and what he has been up to during his absence.

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