Ideas for Beautiful Women's Tattoos

Written by michael monet
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Ideas for Beautiful Women's Tattoos
Decide on a tattoo and placement that will fit your future lifestyle. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Designing, placing and getting a tattoo is an extremely personal process. Your tattoo can be meaningful, beautiful, or complex, and it can be in a private place or a public place on your body. Your main concern, though, is to make it timeless. When thinking of a beautiful, feminine tattoo, try to think ahead to how you want your skin to appear for the rest of your life.


Flowers are a popular basis for women's tattoos because within this general theme, there are many types, colours, designs, meanings and styles from which to choose. Flower tattoos can be realistic, detailed, black and white, colour, or stylised in a traditional fashion, such as Japanese tattoo art. Different flowers have different meanings in tattoo culture, such as the rose which symbolises love, commitment and courage, or the lotus flower which symbolises newness and change. Flowers also allow the wearer to design stems, leaves and filigree to frame or shape the tattoo to the woman's body.


Portrait tattoos capture the image of a person. These tattoos can be dedicated to a relative or friend who has passed away, a famous person that the wearer admires, or, like in traditional tattooing, a female pin-up model. Portraits can be black and white, colour, stylised, detailed or realistic. When going for a realistic portrait tattoo, the wearer should choose her artist carefully, as this type of detail is difficult to achieve in tattoo art. A simpler way to achieve a portrait tattoo is in a stylised, traditional fashion, or by capturing just the silhouette of the person you wish to portray in your tattoo.


Animals are used in tattoo art to achieve many different messages and looks. Tigers, panthers, leopards, horses and elephants are often used to represent bravery, courage, royalty and wisdom, respectfully. While a masculine tattoo might portray a fierce animal, a feminine tattoo could portray these animals as beautiful, delicate and regal. Finely detailed lines and delicate colour contrast with browns, blacks and greys can achieve a timeless and feminine look. Butterflies, dolphins, dragonflies, ladybirds, cats and frogs are all animals that fit the feminine theme.

Nature Scenes

The beauty of the natural world is often achieved in traditional Japanese tattooing. Cherry blossom trees, rivers, suns and colourful skies can be arranged to make a larger tattoo piece with a cohesive theme. Well-planned tattoos designate the space of the body wisely. Rather than placing many small, unrelated tattoos on your body, you can plan a nature scene to run the expanse of your arm, leg, back or other body part. While natural scenes in the Japanese tattoo style are common among men and women, the delicacy of these scenes is feminine in nature and beautiful to look at. You can also choose to complete a nature scene with other stylisations, colour contrasts and details.

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