Benefits of smartphones

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Benefits of smartphones
Smartphones offer all the benefits of a cell phone, PDA and personal media player in one. (Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The advent of the smartphone has revolutionised the mobile device market. The mainstream success of Apple's iPhone made smartphones hot commodities, and every carrier scrambled to get on board with their own smartphone. Enter the further success of Google's Android smartphone operating system and you have a recipe for success. But the real benefit of owning a smartphone extends beyond simply have the chic new gadget.

Multi-Purpose Device

Cell phones have become just about indispensable anymore, with many people using them on a daily basis. Personal digital assistants have also grown in prominence, especially with professionals in need of a tool to help them organise, message and manage on the go. And of course, who doesn't like bringing their MP3 player with them so they can have their favourite tunes any time? But carrying three gadgets around is a hassle, not to mention a real cramp on pocket-space. Enter the smartphone. Smartphones act as the all-in-one, offering cell phone service with the tools, applications and even games of the average PDA. Throw in that almost all smartphones also function as portable media players, and you can kiss those crammed pockets goodbye.


Another bright spot for smartphone owners is how much choice you have to govern what goes on it. Are you a music freak? Load out your smartphone with an endless bevy of tracks and rock out non-stop. Gaming addict? Most smartphone platforms offer a huge assortment of games, ranging from simple puzzlers to even first-person shooters on the go. Even if you're looking for more practical functions, the smartphone has you covered. Most already come capable of Web-surfing, mobile e-mail and messaging, but you can often also add other features like Skype Internet calling, GPS navigation and other useful tools to make your mobile device as smart as it is fun.

Versatile Web Access

If you need to send off an important e-mail message, but find you're not near a Wi-Fi hot spot, you might be out of luck with a PDA. With a smartphone however, as long as you're at least in your carrier's cell or data range, you've still got an option. Likewise, if you need to check an important message or access the Web, you can do so without worrying about whether the Wi-Fi service in the area has an encryption key on it.

Third-Party Development

The open development platform available in a number of smartphone systems, like iPhone and Android, means that software designers everywhere have a new outlet for their work. Designing compact applications, or apps, to run on the smartphone gives development companies and individual programmers another outlet to get their products on the market, and another stream of income. That income not only directly benefits the people working at the design firms, it also contributes to the overall quality of apps the company produces.

Social Media Convenience

Ever get an amazing photo on your phone that you wanted to post up on Facebook the instant you snapped it? How about updating your Twitter feed the instant something interesting happens without the loss of detail that comes from trying to remember later? With most smartphones, you could do both. With a traditional camera phone you would have to wait until you got home and upload the picture, and with a PDA if you aren't in an open Wi-Fi hot spot you won't be able to do either. The smartphone opens up a number of convenient ways to bolster your social networking.

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