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How to remotely reboot thomson cable modems

Updated February 21, 2017

Electronics supplier Thomson recently changed its name to Technicolor, but the Thomson range of modems is still widely found stickered with the Thomson and Speedtouch logos. Thomson cable modems can be rebooted remotely only if the modem has a static IP, or Internet Protocol, address. Usually you need to order this address from the cable service provider and it's often only available to business customers.

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  1. Open a web browser on a computer within the internal network and enter the Thomson router's IP address, which is "" by default. Enter the User ID and password, it's usually "Administrator" and the password is usually blank.

  2. Browse to the "Toolbox" on the left using the Thomson onscreen interface and click on it. Enable "Remote Assistance" by checking the box. Click "Apply" and log out of the interface. Reboot the Thomson modem using the switch on the back. Allow the modem to power up.

  3. Enter the IP address that was given to you by your Internet provider in a remote computer web browser that is a computer not on the internal network, say via a laptop in a coffee shop. The administrative interface will appear on the screen. You are now remotely accessing the modem and can perform the same maintenance tasks you are able to on the internal network, including rebooting the Thomson cable modem.

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Things You'll Need

  • Static IP address

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