Crafts that teach preschoolers to be servants for the lord

Updated April 17, 2017

Preschool children can learn to become God's servants by connecting Bible stories with their own lives through crafts. Use these crafts with Bible stories that focus on characters serving God like Elijah or Moses, or reinforce Bible verses about being God's servant.

Remember to Serve Handprints

Provide a piece of construction paper and crayons. Help each child trace her handprint on a different colour of paper. Cut out the handprint and glue it to the child's original piece of paper. Write "Ways I Can Serve God" or a similar affirmation on the palm of the handprint in marker. Help the child think of ways she can serve the Lord. Responses might include doing chores, being nice to siblings, eating well, exercising her body, being nice to friends or reading Bible stories. Write her ideas on each finger of the handprint. Encourage parents to hang the craft on the refrigerator and discuss it each day.

"As For Me and My House" Diagram

Ask parents to bring copies of photos of the child and members of the family. Draw a house diagram with five or six box-shaped rooms topped with a triangle roof. Write the Bible verse Joshua 24:15, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Give the child the cut-out photos of him and his family members. Invite him to glue the photos throughout the house and colour furniture and other decorations in the rooms. Ask children to explain how each person is a servant for God, such as "Daddy reads his Bible," "Mommy cooks for Grandma" or "I obey my parents." Write his ideas next to each photo.

Follow God's Directions Spinner

Create your own spinner template by tracing a 6-inch or larger diameter circle. Divide the circle into four to six even sections. Write a short phrase explaining how a child can serve the Lord, such as "Pray," "Sing Hymns," "Read the Bible" and "Share Jesus." Draw an arrow outline about 3 inches long. Ask children to colour the template or illustrate the phrases. Cut out the circle and arrow. Attach the arrow to the centre of the circle with a metal brad fastener. Show children how to spin the arrow and discuss each section.

Serve God With Your Whole Body

Spread large pieces of butcher paper on the floor and ask each child to lay down. Trace around her body from head to toe. Trim the paper to a few inches above the head and below the feet. Provide crayons for the children to decorate themselves with facial features, hair and clothing. Ask the children to tell you how they can serve the Lord with each part of their bodies. Write each child's idea next to each body part. Prompt children with ideas like "I serve God with my eyes by not watching bad movies," "I serve the Lord with my mouth by singing praises," "I serve God with my hands by helping Mommy" or "I use my feet to walk to church."

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