Pop Bottle Astronaut Crafts

Updated July 19, 2017

Astronauts are fascinating. They get to experience weightlessness, ride in space ships and see things that the majority of world will only see in books and on TV. Create astronaut crafts from pop bottles and let the imaginative fun begin. Remove all labels from the pop bottle and clean and dry it thoroughly before using it to create crafts.

Astronaut Doll

Create an astronaut doll out of a pop bottle. Cut a circle out of cardboard for the astronaut's head and helmet. Attach this to the top of the bottle (at the neck by the cap). Wrap a piece of paper around the bottle and draw the details of the astronaut's outfit onto the paper. Use aluminium foil to create the silver aspects of the suit. Add shoes by making a heart shape out of construction paper. Glue or tape it to the bottom of the pop bottle.

Astronaut Costume

Create an astronaut costume and utilise two 2- litre plastic pop bottles. A white sweat suit is a good foundation for an astronaut costume. Add American flags and official looking badges. Use fabric paint and felt to create the embellishments. Use duct tape to put two 2-liter plastic pop bottles together to resemble oxygen tanks that astronauts wear on their backs. Add loops of string so the bottles can fit over a the wearer's shoulders. This costume works well for children as the bottles are proportionate to the size of a child.

Astronaut Game

Practically any game can take on an astronaut theme with a few modifications and a little imagination. Cut the bottom off of a 2-liter plastic pop bottle. The bottle will be a scoop for a game called, "Catch the Asteroid." Make a ball out of clay and stick the end of a ribbon into the clay. Attach the other end of the ribbon to the neck of the bottle. Make sure the ribbon is long enough so the ball of clay can swing into the container. Use duct tape to cover all the sharp edges (where the plastic bottom was cut off). The object of game is to swing the ball into the container.

Rocket Ship

Create a rocket ship and an astronaut out of a plastic 2-liter pop bottle. Use a permanent marker to draw a door, windows and an American flag on the bottle. Draw some flames on a piece of paper and cut them out. Tape the flames to the bottom of the bottle rocket ship. Draw a picture of an astronaut, about four inches tall, on white paper. Make sure that you draw the back of the astronaut's head and clothes on the backside of the paper. Roll the paper and insert it into the rocket ship. You can also tape a string to the astronaut before inserting him into the rocket ship. Tape the other side of the string to the inside of the bottle cap and put the cap on. This will make the astronaut appear to be suspended in air.

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