Religious bulletin board ideas for pentecost sunday

Updated April 17, 2017

Pentecost Sunday is a day marking the end of the 50-day Easter season. It is a day to celebrate when the Holy Spirit first descended upon the disciples of Jesus and the world. Dedicating one or more notice boards to Pentecost Sunday is an ideal way to inform practitioners about the significance of this Christian celebration.

Bible Passages

Pentecost Sunday is associated with Acts 2 from the Bible, which describes the Holy Spirit's descent on the disciples. Posting parts of or the entire passage on a notice board allows church members to read the scripture behind Pentecost Sunday. Another passage associated with Pentecost Sunday, Leviticus 23:15-20 NIV, describes two loaves of bread that were waved before the Lord in an act of thanksgiving. This passage relates to the Feast of Wheat, another name for Pentecost Sunday.

Kids' Coloring Pages

Colouring pages are an ideal learning tool for teaching young children about Pentecost Sunday. Colouring pages featuring images related to Pentecost Sunday, such as pictures of the Holy Spirit and the disciples and loaves of bread, teach kids about the significance of this Christian celebration. The pages can be attached to a notice board for parents to take with them before or after Mass. Parents can explain the meaning of the images and use them to entertain their children during church services.

Did You Know?

A church notice board is a space to post interesting facts and information. Dedicating at least one notice board to interesting facts and information about Pentecost Sunday provides church members with background about this celebration. Interesting facts can include, "Did you know that Pentecost was originally a Jewish festival?" "Pentecost Sunday is also known as the Feast of Wheat and the Fruits of the First Harvest" and "Did you know lambs and bulls were traditionally sacrificed during the Pentecost celebration?"

Pentecost Activities

Notice boards can be used to inform church members how Pentecost Sunday is celebrated at that particular church. Post information about special activities or announcements for the celebration of Pentecost Sunday. For example, notice board postings can inform all church members to wear red to symbolise the love of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is often viewed as the birthday of the Christian church, so notice board postings can inform members to bring presents for the church, such as candles, balloons or cookies.

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