Healthy heart art & craft activities for kids

Updated July 19, 2017

Heart health is something that children need to learn about early in their lives. You can use healthy heart art and craft activities to help your children learn how to have a healthy heart. Because so many aspects of our lives can affect the heart, you have a wide range of activities to choose from even for young children.

Draw an Exercise Reminder

Use a poster board and divide it into seven sections, one for each day of the week. In each section, let your child draw themselves doing an exercise that will help them keep a healthy heart. While they are drawing, you can discuss each exercise as well as teach them why exercise is important to their heart.

Full Plate Art

Some foods are considered heart-healthy while others are healthy for other reasons. Go over the different kinds of foods that are good for the heart and have your child draw or paint a plate with a balanced meal on it. They can pick out their favourite heart healthy foods and add them to their plate, and then they can also look at some of the heart healthy foods they may not like as much but that are needed. It's always cute to see a plate with one or two peas and a large drawing of a muffin.

Make a Heart

Kids are accustomed to seeing the cutesy heart outline that is common. You can work with your child to help them make a realistic paper mache heart or to draw and colour a heart with all the sections and areas. Once they understand how a heart works, they'll never see that outline of a heart the same.

Write or Draw a Story

Children are so creative that if you give them the freedom to do what they want, you may be surprised at the amount of thought and effort they will put in. Try talking to your children about heart health and then challenge them to write or draw a story about something that is good for the heart. You may end up with detailed items to put on a plate or you may find yourself reading a story where your child teaches another child about exercising to keep their heart healthy. Child minds are wide open and with a little inspiration they may even have you thinking more about a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Create Food Models

A healthy heart begins with a balanced, nutritious diet. You can help your child learn about the right foods to eat by creating food models of a healthy diet. Cut cardboard cereal boxes, draw or paint healthy food models, pick healthy foods from a magazine to cut and paste or, if you are especially creative, try making models out of Play Doh or clay. Air dry modelling clay is a good choice because you can then let it dry and it becomes art as well. Let your child help you pick the heart healthy foods for your models.

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