Birthday Gift Ideas for a Metrosexual

Written by ryan pickett | 13/05/2017
Birthday Gift Ideas for a Metrosexual
Give a metrosexual a present that helps him look his best. (BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Purchasing a gift for a metrosexual can seem difficult if you are unsure of what the lifestyle means. Metrosexuals typically enjoy a metropolitan lifestyle, which means urban and hip. Your gift should be slightly sexually ambitious and fashion forward. Buy something that helps the guy feel that he can hit the town in style.


Some metrosexuals like wearing jewellery that other men might not. For instance, buy the guy a trendy bracelet made of leather or metal. Some bracelets made for guys look like thick wrist bands. Also give a thick fashion-forward ring made of a precious metal, such as silver, gold or white gold. Alternatively, wristwatches make thoughtful gifts, especially when they are engraved with a sentimental message.

For The Working Man

Get a professional gift for a metrosexual on the career path. For instance, buy a leather portfolio bag for the guy to carry around important documents and a laptop. Or buy him a smartphone so he can stay in touch with the office. A pack of quality cigars is a thoughtful gift for the guy to hand around at an after work party (make sure his work culture would permit this). Or give him a personalised holder for the guy's business cards.


Good-quality apparel makes a thoughtful gift if you get something that fits the style of the guy. Take him window-shopping to get an idea of style and fit of clothes that he likes. Your gift could be practical, such as a stylish winter coat or trendy fall jacket. Or get a splurge gift that the guy can enjoy, such as a pricey fashion-forward vintage T-shirt or an expensive pair of jeans.

Grooming Products

Metrosexuals can typically appreciate grooming products because many of them love looking their best. Hair care products are wonderful for a guy who takes pride in grooming his hair. For instance, purchase some pommade for a guy who likes a spiky or slicked-back hairstyle. Alternatively, get some yummy-smelling cologne. Some cologne comes in gift packs with shower gel that has the same scent. Or get the guy some designer bar soaps.

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