Homemade Mother's Day Card Drawing Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Mother's Day is celebrated to honour the hard work moms put in for their families. Gift ideas for mom on her special day include photos, Popsicle stick frames and cards. Homemade cards offer kids of all ages the opportunity to give mom a special gift. Make cards using construction paper, paint, markers, scissors and glue. Create personalised cards or print cards for children to colour and decorate.

Handprint Ideas

Use the child's handprint to create a Mother's Day card. Trace the kid's handprint onto the front of the card. Cover the child's palm using finger paint and make a print on the front as another option. Use both hand prints, thumbs together, to create angel wings. Complete the angel by drawing in a body and face. Mother's Day poems written by kids add a creative accompaniment.

Self-drawn family portraits

Family portraits drawn by kids become sentimental gifts. Crayons used by younger kids provide them a mess-free way to use their imagination and creativity. Finger paints, watercolour paints and makers offer additional creative media allowing kids to design anything. Instruct kids to draw pictures of themselves, their moms or their entire family onto the front of the cards. Add sentiments to the inside and have the child sign his or her name.

Favourite Things Collage

Create a mom's favourite items collage on the front of her card. Cut out pictures of her favourite things from magazines and other publications. Arrange the items into a collage. Personalise the card further by drawing Mom using some of the items. Kids giving them the chance to use mom's favourite colours can draw all of Mom's favourite things.

Homemade Coupon Ideas

Draw homemade coupons for services or free time. Services like breakfast in bed and kids performing extra chores to lessen Mom's workload are coupon ideas. Free babysitting coupons offer older kids the chance to help Mom and prove themselves responsible. Free time coupons allow moms to cash in for kid-free time allotments. This provides Mom with the opportunity to pursue her own interests guilt free.

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