Christian Games for Married Couples & Groups

Written by susanna johnson | 13/05/2017
Christian Games for Married Couples & Groups
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When choosing a game for married couples or groups, first consider how many couples or players there will be. Some games are perfect for small groups of six to 12 people, and others are well suited for married couples to play in the privacy of their home.

Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia can be found in most Christian bookstores, online, and even in some department stores. It can be played by pairing the couples, which allows for more people to play. Pairing also helps those who are not as knowledgeable in the Bible to feel more comfortable playing. You could buy several games and have a tournament, with the winners receiving a nice prize such as a Bible and/or a Bible concordance.

You can create your own Bible Trivia game by researching questions and answers directly from your own Bible. Give points to the team with the most answers correct.

Apples to Apples Bible Edition

This game helps players learn more about the Bible while enjoying a hilarious night of fellowship with other Christians.


You can purchase this game at a Christian bookstore or online. Bibleopoly can be played by a small group (two to six players), or you can pair up couples to include up to 12 players. Among doing other things in this game, you will build churches and learn about biblical cities.

Discovery Game for Married Couples

This game is a "Focus on the Family" recommendation. It is geared toward helping couples in their relationship through an exciting and fun-filled game. It comes with a CD that tells the couple about God's purpose for marriage. Find this game at a Christian bookstore or online.

Enchanting Evening Game / Time For Two

This game is for two players. It involves rolling dice and drawing a card that tells the player what must be done. This very intimate and cosy game is to be played at home with your spouse. Find it online or at a local Christian bookstore.

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