Gift ideas for vow renewals

Updated July 20, 2017

Etiquette for a vow renewal ceremony is different from that of a first or second wedding. The I Do Take Two website states that vow renewals are traditionally not gift-giving occasions. Guests should not be expected to bring a gift and it is accepted for the couple to write "no gifts please" on ceremony invitations. However, if you are planning to attend a vow reaffirmation and would like to bring a gift, use this guide as inspiration.

Anniversary Year Ideas

Vow renewals are most certainly to be held on or near the couple's original wedding anniversary date, commonly during milestone anniversary years such as 10 years or 25 years. As such, you can use anniversary year gift ideas as inspiration for your vow renewal present. The Find Gift website's "Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts Table" outlines both age-old and modern anniversary gifts by year (e.g. paper or clocks for a first anniversary, bronze or linens for an eighth anniversary). Find Gift's database suggests silver for a 25th anniversary present, which you could translate into silver napkin rings or a polish kit so the couple can "renew" their own silver.


When a couple approaches a marriage ceremony they expect to receive gifts that will help them create a functioning and decorative home for their new life as a united pair, whereas when a couple approaches a vow renewal the couple has had a long-established life and home together. Therefore, keepsake gifts are a sentimental alternative appropriate for a vow renewal. Give a shadowbox for the couple fill will memories from the vow renewal, such as the ceremony invitation, photos, flowers and ribbons. You could also gift an anniversary-themed scrapbooking kit so that the couple can create a book of memories from their vow renewal to accompany their wedding scrapbook.

Stroll Down Musical Lane

Use your gift to celebrate the couple's love and commit by taking a musical stroll down memory lane and honouring their original wedding ceremony in a creative way. Give the couple an MP3 player filled with songs from their wedding and songs from the year they started dating. You can even have some MP3 players engraved with the couple's names or the date of their vow renewal.

Honour the Vows

Whether the couple writes their own vows or reads from traditional vows of faith or spirituality, the reading of vows is an integral component to both wedding ceremonies and vow renewals. You can honour the original vows read by the couple by transforming them into a framed print. If the couple read traditional vows you can find a copy online, like the "Wedding Vows & Readings: Traditional Wedding Vows from Various Religions" found at The Knot website. Borrow a copy of the couple's wedding video from a relative and transcribe their vows if they wrote their own. To make the print, take the vows to a printer or graphic designer for a professional look or use your home computer. Then, put the print in a decorative frame and you will have a memorable, thoughtful gift that will wow the recipients.

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