What to write for a 50th wedding anniversary announcement

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A couple's 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone worthy of attention and celebration. One of the ways that family and friends can recognise the couple's anniversary is with an anniversary announcement.

A well-worded announcement can be used for a variety of purposes and will be a keepsake for the couple as well as their children for years to come.


Before putting together an anniversary announcement, you should determine what purpose the announcement is intended to serve. Will this announcement be printed in a newspaper or newsletter? Are you sending the announcement out to family and friends? Will it accompany an invitation to an anniversary party or other event? If you intend to publish the announcement in a newspaper or other publication, your first step should be to contact the paper and inquire about their requirements. You may have a word limit or a specific format to follow. Some papers provide a form requesting very specific information about the couple from which they will write the announcement.

Important Information

One of the most important pieces of information to include in this wedding announcement is the number of years of marriage that you are celebrating. An announcement can be sent for any anniversary, but 50 years is a particularly notable anniversary and attention should be paid to this fact. Other information to incorporate should include the names of the husband and wife, the date and place of their marriage, and the names of any children and grandchildren. You may also want to include information about what the husband and wife do for a living as well as any special hobbies or other activities that they participate in. Longer announcements may include a story of how the couple met as well as more detailed information about their wedding.


Once you have compiled the information that you would like to include in the announcement, you can begin to experiment with various ways of wording it. Scan local newspapers for inspiration. If you find a story that appeals to you, you can format your announcement in a similar way. You can begin your announcement with the most important information: "John and Jane Doe are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary." Follow this with information about their wedding. "The couple was married on (date), at (location)." Next you should share information about their children and grandchildren. After covering the basics, you can elaborate on the couple's jobs, interests, and other personal information regarding their lives and marriage. If the couple has a particularly interesting story surrounding their marriage or family life, use this as an opportunity to share their triumphs and congratulate them on their long and happy marriage. A poem, quote or piece of scripture may tie the message together beautifully at the end.