Brownie Scouting Activities & Games

Updated February 21, 2017

Girl Scout Brownies are girls in grades 2 and 3. At this stage in Girl Scouts, Brownies meet with their troops, work together, form bonds and friendships and earn Girl Scout Brownie Awards. The activities and games that troop leaders decide to host for their Brownies are age-appropriate and usually have a strong connection to the community and environment.


Icebreakers are games that Girl Scout Brownies play to get to know one another. At the beginning of the new Brownie season, girls start off learning one another's names and engaging in activities that help the girls develop a sense of team unity and bonding. The Girl Scouts of the USA suggests playing specific icebreakers, such as "My Name Is..." This icebreaker activity is a name game. The girls all sit in a circle and one person starts out saying "My name is Emily." The girl on the right says "Her name is Emily, my name is Amanda." Then, the girl on her right says, "Her name is Emily, her name is Amanda and my name is Ashley." The very last girl to introduce herself has the challenging task of introducing all the other girls by name.


Singing is an entertaining activity that many Brownie leaders do with their troops. Select songs by age appropriateness and teach them to the Brownies. Brownies learn the lyrics to the songs, melodies and they also learn hand motions that go along with the songs. For singing activities, the troop leader leads the song and all of the Brownies must accompany her by singing along and doing the choreographed movements. Songs are of a cheerful nature, and can be about friendships, leadership and nature.


Camping is an activity that many Brownie Scout leaders do with their troops. Brownies are at an age where they can appreciate going into the wilderness and taking a day camping trip, or even staying overnight. All camp locations and sites are approved by the Girl Scouts council, so they are safe and equipped for Girl Scout Brownies to explore. During the camping trip, troop leaders may host games for the Brownies to play, such as scavenger hunts or nature bingo, where the girls have to locate things on the nature trails and call out bingo when they find all of the items on their cards.


Volunteer activities give Brownie Scouts the experience and exposure working in the community, which prepares them for becoming a Girl Scout. Volunteer activities are also a way for Brownies to earn patches and awards. Troop leaders select age-appropriate volunteer opportunities, such as volunteering at local food banks, museum fundraisers or helping the public library put on puppet shows for children.

Art Activities

Girl Scout Brownies do a lot of arts and crafts. Holidays inspire arts and crafts activity ideas to do during troop meetings, or troop leaders may have their Brownies work on an art project for charitable purposes. For instance, a hospital may be accepting cards for children who are hospitalised. As such, troop leaders can make an art activity for the Brownies to decorate get well cards for the children in the hospital.

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