Birthday gifts for a 28-year old woman

Updated April 17, 2017

A 28th birthday is an exciting event in a woman's life. To help her celebrate, many people face the challenge of picking out the perfect present. While shopping for a friend's birthday may be a daunting task, there are many fine birthday gift ideas that are sure to make a woman feel special on her 28th birthday.


It may not look like much when wrapped in a tiny box, but a piece of jewellery is a gift that is sure to impress your special lady on her birthday. A fine piece of jewellery is bound to put a smile on the face of any woman, especially when you've picked out something just for her. A ring boasting her favourite gemstone makes a lovely present for a woman, especially if she already has an engagement ring (you don't want to disappoint her if she's waiting for one). Necklaces, from a classic string of pearls to a sleek modern pendant, will add some sparkle to any outfit.

Sweet Treats

For an indulgent gift that will satisfy her sweet tooth, give her some delicious sweet treats for her birthday. A package of freshly baked macaroons in adorable pastel colours will brighten up her day. Instead of grabbing a box of chocolates at a drugstore, pick out some handmade truffles and other gourmet chocolates at a local sweetshop. For a personal gift, spend a day in the kitchen and whip up some of your own yummy desserts for the her to enjoy on her birthday.


Art is a powerful gift that has the ability to express emotion, start up conversations and add beauty to the woman's home. Surprise her with a framed print of a painting she loves or a strikingly beautiful photograph that she took. For a one-of-a kind present, visit a local gallery and pick out a drawing, painting or piece of pottery that she'll enjoy. Gift-givers with an artistic bent can even make the birthday girl a unique piece of art themselves.

Spa Day

Whether she is super stressed or just wants a day to herself, treat her with a gift token to a spa for her 28th birthday. At a spa, the woman can lay back and take in the peaceful environment while being pampered with a variety of treatments, from facials and wraps to massages and manicures. Encourage her to visit the spa's gift shop at the end of her visit to take home some scented candles or other speciality items.

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