Birthday ideas for a 22-year-old

Updated November 21, 2016

Women and men who are turning 22 are often in a transition period. They may be just graduating from college and finding an apartment. Many are starting their careers after receiving a degree. Possibly, they are still living with parents or other relatives. You can easily find an appropriate gift for someone who is turning 22 if you have a basic idea of likes and needs.


Many young adults just out of college still rely on duffel bags to carry necessities when travelling. Summer vacations and business trips are going to require a better system, especially when business suits or formal wear must be transported. Choose sturdy, practical pieces that come with handles and wheels. When purchasing a bag to be used for a carry-on, choose one that is made of soft, pliable material so that it will squeeze into overhead compartments with ease. In the event that your budget is too tight to purchase a full set of luggage, consider purchasing one practical piece and another for each additional gift-giving holiday.

Bar Products

Young adults living alone often have parties and gatherings. Keeping a bar stocked is expensive and supplies are welcomed. Look for supplies that are available in gift sets, such as shaker containers and measuring cups. Choose popular drink mixers and wine corkscrews, and don't forget to add a bottle of vodka or wine. Consider adding a book with popular mixed-drink recipes for new ideas.


It's hard to go wrong when purchasing electronic devices for a young adult. Purchase an MP3 player for a music fan, or present him with a gift card for an online music store. Choose a device that is used to download and store books for book lovers. Find out what type of phone he has been coveting or choose a game for his gaming device. Order a gift card from a popular online site so he can choose his own game or DVD. Find out if his current notebook, net book or desktop needs an upgrade and purchase memory, a new hard drive, or other accessories.


Give the 22-year-old in your life an experience she will never forget. Find a skydiving school nearby and purchase a dive. Pay for one bungee-jumping session. Purchase tickets to the concert of her dreams and go along for the experience, or let her take her special someone for a date. Find a local stable where she can go horseback riding. Research the best local tours and take her on a carriage ride or a snorkelling adventure.

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