Crafts Using Paint Stirring Sticks

Updated April 17, 2017

Wooden paint stirring sticks are useful for more than just mixing paint. There are a lot of creative uses for these stirrers in craft projects. The beauty of projects using paint stirrers is that they are very inexpensive, as the stirrers are free at most hardware stores. The only cost to you would be paint, fabric and glue.

Lady Liberty

You can create a patriotic porch decoration by making a replica Lady Liberty from a paint stirrer and Popsicle sticks. Begin your project by painting the body of your paint stirrer off-white, the handle a skin tone, and the other end in red, white and blue stripes. While the stirrer is drying, cut a tongue depressor and Popsicle stick in half. Paint the Popsicle sticks a flesh tone for arms and the tongue depressor pieces navy blue for sleeves. Use a gold paint to paint a wooden star to use as a crown. To finish your project, glue the pieces together and paint a face on the handle of your paint stirrer.

Snow Measuring Stick

A fun project that you and your children can both enjoy is designing a stirring stick to measure the depth of snow in your yard. Start by laying down plastic or canvas to protect your furniture. Use acrylic paint to decorate and stylise the sticks. Once the paint has dried, mark off every half inch on the sticks, using a ruler as a guide. The next time it snows, take your sticks outside and measure the total snowfall.

Christmas Tree Sticks

For a three-dimensional holiday decoration, use paint stirring sticks to make a Christmas tree. For the trunk of your tree, use four sticks glued into a square that will hold your tree upright on the table. Paint the bottom inch of the sticks brown and the rest green with acrylic paint. Paint four other sticks a forest green. Cut the handles off the green sticks, and glue the handles at a right angle to the trunk. Use the remainder of the stick to create the body of the tree by gluing one end to the top of the base and the other end to the handles. Repeat on all four sides. For the finishing touch, use ribbons and pompons to decorate your tree.

Paint Stick Scarecrow

Create a scarecrow decoration for Halloween using a single paint stick. Paint the handle yellow with acrylic paint and use raffia for hair. Felt can be used to create the shirt of your scarecrow. Before gluing the shirt to the stick, use raffia for the hands. Trousers can be made from old denim jeans, and add raffia for the feet. Once the glue has dried, add decorations like buttons and patches. For the finishing touch, paint a face onto your handle, and make a hat with brown felt and a small fake sunflower.

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