Crafts With Miniature Bottles

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are using plastic bottles recycled from your favourite drink or glass bottles collected from a craft or thrift store, miniature bottles serve as the perfect base for a variety of craft projects. Use plastic bottles to create fun characters and magic glitter bottles for kids, or use glass bottles for nostalgic sand art and quaint messages in a bottle.

Characters and Creatures

Miniature bottles make the perfect base for many different types of doll and creature crafts. Use plastic bottles for these crafts, especially when you plan on making them with or for children.

Begin by filling a small clear or white plastic bottle with dried pinto beans or plastic beads to weigh it down. Use a bottle shape that suits the design of your character. For example, a straight cylinder suits most simple dolls while a curvy or peculiar shape works well when creating monsters or aliens. Glue a small, light ball, such as a foam, sponge or ping-pong ball, to the bottle's neck to serve as the head. Decorate your character as desired with paints, markers, buttons, plastic forks, felt or any other small, light craft supplies.

Glitter Bottles

A glitter bottle makes a fun decoration suitable for both children and adults. When completing this craft with a child, use a small clear plastic bottle with a cap, such as an empty medicine bottle or miniature soda bottle. For adults, a miniature glass bottle helps reflect light, adding further visual interest.

Fill 2/3 of the bottle with light corn syrup. Add metal glitter or confetti to the mixture, and fill the rest of the bottle with water. Seal the bottle with a cap or cork, securing the opening with hot glue. Shake or swirl the completed project to see its contents sparkle.

Miniature Messages in a Bottle

A message in a bottle can be used as a creative decoration or memento. Alternatively, you can use this method to send a special message to someone important. Large-size messages in a bottle use standard sheets of paper and bottles around 10 inches in height. For a small-scale version, use a miniature bottle around 5 inches in height or smaller. Write your message on a half sheet of paper or on cute, small sheets of stationery. Include sand or small shells to create a cute vacation memento or souvenir or to give your message in a bottle an added feel of authenticity.

Sand Art

Sand art uses coloured sand to create bright, festive decorations. To begin, gather a collection of miniature glass bottles with corks, available at most craft supplies stores. Buy several colours of sand, or create your own coloured sands by mixing powdered tempura paint with plain-coloured play sand for a cheaper alternative. Use a funnel to pour the various sands into the bottle, one colour at a time, to create layers. Fill the bottle nearly to its top and cork it to preserve your art. Make the project more unique by using bottles with peculiar shapes or intricate colour patterns.

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