How to Drink Shiraz Wine

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Syrah is a grape varietal from the Rhone Valley in France, which is used in making wine. This grape produces Shiraz wine, a deep wine known for its fruit and spice profile. Its reach has grown around the world, even reaching places as far as Australia, where Shiraz is considered the finest grape wine, according to online resource Wine Intro. Shiraz is also made in California and other regions of France. Though the wine can be enjoyed in almost any way, wine connoisseurs are particular about pairing Shiraz with particular foods to maximise its taste.

Keep the bottle of Shiraz at 17.8 degrees C before drinking. This is the suggested temperature for keeping Shiraz, in order to maintain its flavours and structure. This means you may have to chill your bottle for a few hours in an ice bucket, or store it in a wine fridge. Keeping Shiraz at a higher or lower temperature will make it dull, according to .

Pour Shiraz in a Bordeaux-style wine glass. This particular type of wine glass is tall and has a broad bowl. Full-bodied wines, like Shiraz, are best served in this type of glass, since it directs the wine toward the back of the mouth. In addition, these glasses hold a larger quantity of the wine for drinking, as opposed to merely sipping, as you would a more delicate wine, like Pinot Noir.

Hold your nose an inch away form the glass to smell the wine. Shiraz are known for their fruity and spicy bouquet. Raise the glass to your mouth and tip it just a bit to get a taste of the wine. Its aroma range can change from berries to chocolate to woody notes. Depending on where your Shiraz is from, you will find that different aromas vary. Australian Shiraz has a deeper fruit profile, reminiscent of stewed fruits. Cooler climates such as France, creates wine that is spicier than fruity.

Drink the wine slowly. Shiraz is a dense, full-bodied wine, and drinking it at a slower pace will allow you to enjoy its aroma and taste. Shiraz wine closely resembles the taste of blueberries, plums and pepper.

Serve Shiraz with red meats. Beef, wild game and stews are some of the best types of food to pair with the Shiraz wine, according to . Spicy foods work well too, since the peppery flavour of Shiraz complements the spicyness of the dish. If you decide to go with poultry, choose a darker meat like duck, since this goes well with Shiraz.

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