How to Sanitize a Cork Stopper

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When making your own food or drink for personal or commercial use, sanitation is of the utmost importance. Corks stoppers often come prepackaged and labelled as sterilised. To make sure they are clean, however, it is a good idea to sanitise the cork stoppers in your own kitchen immediately before you use them. Even in a kitchen cupboard, cork stoppers can pick up microflora and yeast that can alter the flavour of your final product.

Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil.

Grasp a cork stopper with a pair of tongs.

Dip the cork in the boiling water four times, holding each dip for 5 seconds.

Place the cork on a clean surface and allow it to drip dry.

Use the cork while it is still soft from boiling. It will be easier to insert into the bottle.

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