Games for Christian Couples Events

Churches and organisations that coordinate events for Christian couples have many options for group activities. Events such as covered dish dinners and fellowship nights can include games as icebreakers. Organisers could plan a church game night to encourage couples to get to know each other and build a sense of community. They may choose Bible games for the event to provide entertainment and to challenge the biblical knowledge of players.

Bible Charades

The game plays like charades but you act out Bible-related topics instead of mundane things. Challenge couple teams to act out categories that include characters, events, words and passages or stories from the Bible and related Bible movies and hymns. When using events such as crossing the Red Sea or Moses receives the Ten Commandments, add an additional point if the team identifies the scripture reference. Passages and stories include Jesus' parables and familiar passages such as The Lord's Prayer or "The Lord is my Shepherd." Biblical words and concepts include loaves and fishes (feeding of the 5,000), salvation and ark (either Noah's ark or the Ark of the Covenant).

Bible Scavenger Hunt

Give each couple a biblical passage and identify items for the scavenger hunt. For example, use the parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10:30-37. Print out the scripture and circle oil, bandages, clothes, money, donkey, inn, man, road, wine and suitcase (for his belongings). Provide magazines and newspapers that might contain pictures of their items.

Optionally, choose passages with items couples or team could literally find such as loaves, fish, lunch sack and basket in the feeding of 5000 found in Luke 9:12-17.

Name That Tune

Play snippets of hymns and let couples compete to name the hymn. Christian music of all types work well for this game. If you use Bible-based worship choruses, give extra points if the couple can name the scripture reference for the chorus. Add extra points if couples can name the artist when using contemporary Christian music. Awards extra points in the hymns category if the couple can name the hymn author or the tune composer.

Bible Jeopardy

Use a chalkboard or interactive whiteboard to list your five categories and point values for Bible Jeopardy. Your game show host can read the questions for the couple. During holiday seasons such as Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving, your Jeopardy board topics may revolve around the holiday. Easter topics might include Your Easter Basket for Christian symbols, Easter Parade for stops on the Via Della Rosa and On a Plate for symbolic foods in a seder meal.

Bible Couples

Give the couples a list of Bible characters and have them match the couples. Possible couples include Adam and Eve, David and Bathsheba, Abraham and Sarah and Boaz and Ruth. Couples receive extra points for providing Bible references. For men such as David or Jacob who had more than one wife, give extra points if the couple identifies all of the wives and concubines.

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