Slumber Party Ideas for 12-Year-Old Girls

Updated March 23, 2017

A slumber party is the perfect way to celebrate a 12-year-old girl's birthday. Young girls love getting together to laugh, gossip and be kids. When planning a sleepover, have a theme and some prepared activities for the party.

Scavenger Hunt Theme

Have the girls wear comfortable pyjamas and shoes to the sleepover and send them off for a neighbourhood scavenger hunt. Instruct the girls to divide up into two separate groups and give them a list of scavenger items to find throughout the neighbourhood. Let them know where they are allowed to go, and, if necessary, send two adult chaperones to tag along. The object of the game is seeing which group can come up with the most items on the list by going door-to-door and looking around the neighbourhood, collecting and crossing items off the list as they're found. The list of items should include random things like a stick of gum, a movie ticket stub, a pencil and other such objects. Hand out small prizes to the winners.

Mani and Pedi Setup

Make the guests feel like little ladies by setting up an area where you can give them manicures and pedicures. Set out various nail polish colours and lots of fun stickers and other nail accessories to choose from. To add to the fun, have a facial mask ready to go for those who want to enjoy getting a fun facial treatment. Don't forget to take pictures while everyone has their face cream on, capturing fun slumber party memories.

Food and Beverages

Serve the girls sparkling cider and grape juice in fancy champaign glasses. Set out a table with plenty of snacks. Some fun snack ideas for a slumber party include little sandwiches cut out in the shapes of various cookie cutters, trail mix and brownie bites.

Sleeping Arrangements

Make the sleeping area a fun element of the slumber party. Set out lots of comfy pillows, and replace the regular light bulb with a black light. You can also add some glow-in-the-dark stars all over the walls for extra amusement. Don't forget to set out a few movies that are age-appropriate. Allow the girls to take a vote on which movie they want to watch first.

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