What shade of curtains would look great with chocolate brown suede couches?

Written by angelique de la morreaux | 13/05/2017
What shade of curtains would look great with chocolate brown suede couches?
See red pop against a chocolate coloured sofa. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Look to the colours found naturally in nature when choosing curtains for a chocolate brown suede couch. Think about a tree with its deep brown bark, and the colours for your room should spring to mind. Base the shade of the colour chosen on the ambience you want to create in the room as a light shade may become overshadowed by the brown.

Warm Colors

Complement the richness of the chocolate brown with a warm colour. Warm colours usually contain red or yellow as their base. Warm colours range from a yellow-green to a reddish-orange. These earth-tone colours blend well with a chocolate brown. Combine the brown sofa with a curtain of a pastel shade of green to bring in the natural feel of an Asian room, or add a bright red or orange cotton-textured curtain to pop the colour in the room.

Cool Colors

A cool colour chills the warmth found in brown. Cool colours contain a blue base and range from blue-green to purple. If combined with a pastel or light shade of a cool colour, such as robin egg blue, the brown becomes more dominant and takes centre stage in the room. A darker shade of a cool colour, such as forest green, matches the intensity of the chocolate brown and offsets the strong tones found in a chocolate brown.

Jewel Tones

Combine a chocolate brown with a jewel tone. Jewel tone colours are intense with a vivid hue. Examples of jewel tone colours include emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue or ruby red. The bold tones of a jewel colour become more intense when placed against the richness of the chocolate and create an interesting design. Pick a touchable fabric for your curtains, such as a soft chenille or a raw silk to emphasise the richness of the colours and textures found in the room.


Blend the chocolate brown into a patterned fabric for the curtain. Combine a brown in a floral print with red and yellow flowers, or pick a dark green leaf pattern against a brown background. Choose a brown and black pinstripe accented with gold, brown accented with a tan pinstripe or a cream curtain with a brown stripe. Try a checkered pattern of orange, red, yellow and brown, or go for a geometric print of chocolate brown.

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