Things You Can Make Out of Candy Wrappers

Updated February 21, 2017

Recycled candy wrappers make creative and interesting craft project materials. After Halloween or Easter is over and your kids have eaten their haul of candy, save all the wrappers to use in making candy wrapper crafts. They are simple, look adorable and it's even a good way to recycle.


Colourful candy wrappers can be used to découpage just about anything. Liven up a coffee table or play table for kids, decorate pails that can hold more treats, make fun decoupaged headbands or hair clips or decorate cardboard boxes. The candy wrappers add a bit of whimsy. Silver wrappers would look pretty on a candle holder, while colourful wrappers would make a really lively table decoration. Brush a solution like Mod Podge on the surface of the item you want to découpage with a paint brush, then lay the candy wrappers down. Smooth the wrappers, spread on another coat of Mod Podge and let the item dry thoroughly.


Make a candy wrapper bookmark by gluing your candy wrappers to a long piece of cardboard. You can make the bookmark any size you like. Make sure the candy wrappers cover both sides of the cardboard, and punch a hole in the top to thread a ribbon through. This project is perfect for kids.

Wrapper Bow Decorations

Lay a candy wrapper flat, and fold it accordion style. Tie a ribbon or twist tie in the centre to secure it, then fan the sides out to make a bow shape. Glue a pin to the back, if you like, and wear the bow as a brooch or stick it to a handbag. You could also glue bows to a headband or use them to decorate gifts or other craft projects. Make bows of different colours using other types of wrappers. Silver candy wrappers make pretty bows.

iPod Holder

Make a candy wrapper iPod holder by drawing around your iPod on a piece of light cardboard. Account for each side of the iPod, leaving room for the sides, the bottom, the front and a flap for the top that will go over the top of the holder. This will be your template. Once this is done, cut the cardboard pattern out and score the creases to make it easier to put together. Glue the candy wrappers to your cardboard and attach a piece of self adhesive Velcro to the flap and the holder so it can be closed securely once your iPod is inside. You may need more than one wrapper for a larger iPod holder. Glue the holder together.


Use candy wrappers when you are scrapbooking. Cut out words from the candy wrappers, or simply use the whole wrappers to decorate scrapbook pages. This would be cute for a child's scrapbook. They can be used as mats for photos, or can decorate an entire scrapbook page as a background.

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