Living Room Ideas for Brown With Soft Colors

Brown is a flexible colour with which to decorate your living room. Like black, it goes with almost any colour, but it is not harsh; rather, it is a warm and inviting shade. Pair rich brown with a soft, pale shade to balance it. Consider blue, beige, grey or purple as its counterpart.

Brown with Blue or Purple

Since brown is deep and warm, it pairs well with colours that are opposites, such as pale blue or purple. These cool colours provide a perfect balance to this otherwise intense shade. Living room decor ideas that combine these shades include a brown leather sofa with blue accent pillows, or a purple rug to stand out against a dark wood floor.

Brown with Neutrals

Neutral shades such as beige or grey pair well with brown. If you want a particularly understated decor, choose neutral colours for the walls and add decorative accents of deep brown. The opposite approach to living room design involves painting the walls chocolate brown, and then choosing a sofa and chair in light beige or grey to lighten up the room. For those who are non-committal when it comes to colour schemes, focusing on neutrals is the safest and most versatile way to decorate your living room.

Accent Wall

A foolproof method to incorporate brown into your living room decor is to choose one wall to become the accent wall. Paint this wall a rich brown so that it stands out as the focal point of the room. The accent wall can serve as a backdrop for an interesting architectural element such as the fireplace or a dramatic bay window, or it can simply be the wall behind your television and entertainment centre. Paint the other walls a neutral shade such as beige, grey or pale greyish blue.

Textures and Materials

A living room that is monochromatic --- meaning that it contains mostly shades of beige and brown --- can look a little dull and flat if you don't add texture to surfaces. Rather than selecting a standard fabric-upholstered sofa, try rich leather or suede. Incorporate furry pillows and shag rugs to add an element of whimsy. Hang works of art that add splashes of other colours to offset the potentially drab effect. Try patterned wallpaper on some walls to add interest and lure visitors to brush by and establish a sensual connection with the space.

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