Water Into Wine Sunday School Activities

Updated April 07, 2017

Jesus' transformation of water into wine is his first recorded miracle, as written in John 2: 1-11. It's a good topic for a Sunday school lesson as it touches on the themes of miracles and Jesus' power to help people. When preparing this lesson for a class, it's a good idea to plan several fun activities that can make the lesson more accessible for young children.

Colour Changing Water

A good way to demonstrate the story of turning water into wine is by performing your own "miracle" with water and powdered drink mix. After explaining the story of Jesus' first miracle, take two pitchers and fill one with water. In the other, put a packet of powdered drink mix that changes colour in water. Pour the first pitcher of water into the second and have the class watch as the water "miraculously" changes colour. Be sure to explain that what you did was a simple trick and only Jesus can perform miracles.

Colouring Pages

Colouring pages are a good way to reach young children and get them exercising their creativity while thinking about Bible stories. You can download free colouring pages of Jesus turning water into wine and print them out for your class. Explain to your class what colours wine usually is (yellow, red) and have them use the appropriate shades. Encourage students to talk about the scene they're colouring and discuss what Jesus was doing when he performed the miracle.

News Report

A good way to approach telling the story of Jesus' first miracle is to discuss it as a current event and have students write news stories about it. Explain the basics of the story and then tell children that they are now reporters for "The Jerusalem Times," who are covering the story of Jesus' first miracle. Have children write a short news story that describes the main events and offers their own opinion on what happened.

Water, Water, Wine

This is a simple game, modelled after Duck Duck Goose, that preschool-age children can enjoy while reinforcing the message of the story of Jesus' first miracle. Have children sit in a circle with one child acting as "It." The child who is "It" goes around the circle, lightly tapping the other children on the head while saying "Water" or "Wine" for each child. When "It" says "Wine," the child he tapped must jump up and chase "It" around the circle as they both try to sit in the empty space. The child who loses the race becomes the next "It."

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