Colors that go well with orange in a bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Orange, a colour that evokes enthusiasm, is a mixture of red and yellow hues and can make a room especially attractive. If orange is one of your favourite colours, there are several other colours you can pair with it to complete your bedroom decor, depending on the shade of orange you prefer.


Yellow goes well with a peachy or pastel-like shade of orange, and will serve as the more vivid decorating colour. Yellow is the shade of joy, and will make a bedroom feel bright and inviting. If you have orange walls, adorn an accent wall with yellow stripes or paint the moulding yellow. Lemon-yellow curtains against a light orange wall will also stand out impressively.


Use a shade of blue with orange to make the orange appear muted and less overwhelming. Orange and blue are on opposite sides of the colour wheel and contrast with each other well. Bold shades of blue, such as cobalt, pair well with bright or medium shades of orange; for example, accent a blue comforter with large throw pillows in a striking shade of orange. Subdued orange colours, like a rust-coloured orange, are eye-catching when complemented with lighter shades of blue like turquoise. For example, if you've painted your walls in a rusty orange, a turquoise reading chair in the corner will be visually appealing.


Complement copper orange with purplish pinks like fuchsia or magenta; medium orange complements powder pink well. A bedroom with an accent wall of pink and orange polka dots looks both exciting and demure, as orange is a sign of vitality, and pink represents universal love and tenderness. A mirror trimmed in pink on an orange wall is appealing to the eye, and an orange throw blanket against a pink comforter is striking.


Orange is a lighter variation of red, so mixing the two shades in bedroom decor will give the area somewhat of a chromatic look. A cherry red chaise or a bed painted red will appear warm and passionate with orange throw pillows that have a metallic tinge. Accent orange bedroom walls with red ottomans, nightstands and dressers.


Shades of bronze give an orange-themed bedroom a sophisticated feel while intensifying the shade. Burnt orange comforters stand out against dark bronze throw pillows and blankets, and a bronze vanity will complement a rust orange accent wall. Add bronze artwork to an orange wall, or paint an accent wall bronze and hang an orange mosaic painting or decorative plate to stand out against the wall and further showcase the orange hue.

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