Birthday gift for a 37-year-old married woman

Updated February 21, 2017

It's birthday time again, and this year the married birthday girl is turning 37. Women in their late 30s appreciate different types of gifts than they did when they were in their teens and 20s. Being 37 and married brings with it a certain degree of sophistication and a desire for trendiness. Consider a woman's tastes and personality to determine the best gift for her.

Gadget Gifts

For the chic gadget geek, come up with tech-trendy gift ideas that she can use at work or at home. A portable photo printer is ideal for the woman who loves to print pictures and make scrapbooks, or consider a miniature video recorder that allows her to take short films of the kids, the dogs or the two of you on your trips. Special alarm clocks, ear phones and phone chargers can make her feel like she is stocked up with some of the latest and greatest gadgets.

Beautifying Baskets

As women get older they pay more attention to the condition of their skin, hair and nails. So gift your married 37-year-old friend, sister or wife with a beautifying basket full of spa products that are sure to make her look and stay young. Fill the basket with anti-ageing lotions and potions, natural perfume oils, body butter, lip ointment and peppermint foot cream. A luxurious washcloth or foot brush adds a nice touch, too.

Exercise Equipment

Many 37-year-old married women want to get in shape and stay fit. Gifts involving exercise equipment are ideal for the active gal. A special pedometer, MP3 player and arm strap, a yoga mat or stopwatch can be just what she needs to kick off her physical goals. On a grander scale, a treadmill, elliptical machine or a set of dumbbells makes a thoughtful present for the woman who enjoys working out in the convenience and comfort of her home.


The married, 37-year-old professional or stay-at-home mom needs time to herself, so give her the gift of lessons that she is sure to enjoy. If she has ever expressed interest in learning how to speak a new language, cook a foreign cuisine or sculpt, she will appreciate the opportunity to take classes. This type of gift also provides her with a social aspect, and she may make friends who share her same interests in the class.

Farm Share Subscription

If the married 37-year-old woman in your life is into eating healthy, natural foods, give her a subscription to the local farm share as a gift. Having a local farm share subscription grants her access to farm-grown produce that comes from the farmers to her grocery basket. A subscription is good for her to get a fresh bundle of food on a weekly basis.

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