Push present ideas for dads

Updated April 17, 2017

Push presents are the gifts husbands give their wives after delivering a new bundle of joy. After all, Mom did just spend hours pushing out Junior, and possibly undergoing surgery to get him here. But what about Dad? He deserves a push present, too, after supporting Mom for nine months and embracing his new role in life. Put some thought into a special push present and Dad will always treasure it.

Big Screen TV

A new baby has her own schedule, and that means Dad will spend many an early morning hour awake with a tiny bundle to feed or entertain. Make his time more enjoyable with a fabulous new big screen TV. The lights will be low anyway as Dad takes care of the little princess, so the house will already have the feel of a cinema. Shoot for a TV that's 50 inches or larger and expect to pay at least £390. If a big screen is out of the budget, some cool new movies on DVD or Blu-ray will do the trick.

First Family Vacation

Babies are portable before they start crawling, and that means Mom and Dad will be eligible for a family getaway during the first six months or so. Help Dad out by giving him the ultimate push present, a vacation getaway. Buy the happy family an all-expenses-paid trip to a tropical destination or even a weekend at a posh hotel. This will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, so if a family vacation isn't in your budget, give Dad an all-expenses-paid first night out with Mom. This can include a restaurant gift card and a few movie passes.


Jewellery is a favourite push present for new moms, but it works well for new dads, too. Try buying the new dad a watch. He'll need to know what time it is when it's his turn to take on that middle of the night feeding. Get the baby's birth date inscribed on the back for a sentimental touch. If a watch isn't right, try masculine jewellery such as an ID bracelet or dog tags inscribed with the new baby's name and birth date.


Push presents for new dads need to be personal, just like they are for new moms. Consider the new father's needs. If he's a big guy, get him a big comfy chair he can use for the middle of the night feedings, such as the Pottery Barn Comfort armchair that's extra large and comes with a slipcover he can wash. If he's a sports fan, buy him a cable TV subscription to his favourite team's private channel for those 3 a.m. viewings. Maybe he'd like a high-tech new camera to record his baby's every moment, or a laptop to connect to the grown-up world when the baby is sleeping. It's all in the planning, and your push present will make a big moment in Dad's life even more special.

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