The Best Over the Counter Hair Dyes

Updated February 21, 2017

When you buy an over-the-counter hair colour, you normally pay up to four times less than what it would cost to have your hair coloured at a salon. However, if the hair dye is not of good quality or fades quickly, the money saved may not be worth it. Finding a hair colouring that does not harm your hair is vital to a healthy dye job. Buying one of the best and most trusted hair dyes reduces your chances of poor coverage, hair damage and colour that fades. Learning about the hair dyes available is the first step toward a great-looking and long-lasting hair colour.

L'Oreal Hair Color

According to Green Living Online, L'Oreal contains fewer chemicals than many other brands and still imparts long-lasting colour. L'Oreal, which manufactures brands including Preference, Excellence, Feria and Healthy Look, is the world's s best selling over-the-counter hair colouring. The colour and conditioners provided in L'Oreal kits leave hair looking full and shiny. L’Oreal hair colour is available in a wide selection of shades.

Revlon Colorsilk

Revlon Colorsilk is widely recognised for its high quality and ammonia-free formula. Colorsilk comes in 40 shades, with a silk protein after-colour conditioner. User reviews at the Makeup Alley website state that the Colorsilk is easier to apply and less expensive than many other brands. Colorsilk users also write about the lasting colour and silky texture Colorsilk gives their hair.

Garnier Nutrisse

This hair colour is available in a wide selection of colours and formulas. Garnier is easy to apply and is available at most major stores. According to reviews at ViewPoints, users of Garnier Nutrisse say that the colour blends well and lasts a long time. Garnier Nutrisse is enriched with nourishing fruit oils like grapeseed and avocado oil.

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant is a dye that contains no ammonia. Naturtint is made with natural ingredients, including soy, oat, wheat and coconut. This hair colour, manufactured in Spain, comes in 29 shades and imparts long-lasting colour. Naturtint is available online and at natural food stores.

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