Birthday Celebration Ideas for Her

Whether celebrating a fifth birthday or a 50th, a multitude of party options can make the event a memorable one for both the individual and party guests. Choose a theme that reflects the interests of the birthday girl or woman and allow it to guide the activities, decorations, foods and favours for the event.

Costume Party

Little girls and grown adults alike sometimes enjoy a reason to dress up and celebrate in style. Organise a princess party at home for children with costumes, princess crown crafts and even a visiting princess to entertain the guests. For teenagers and adults, consider renting a banquet hall for a casual or formal costume or masquerade party. Choose a theme for the event, such as historical characters, famous couples or film stars, and inform invitees of the theme in the invitations. Hire a DJ for the event and rent a variety of light and visual effect equipment for additional entertainment.

Gaming Party

For a group of young video game lovers, organise a gaming party at home with rented big screen televisions, video game consoles and a variety of video games for the group to try. Set up the equipment in one large party room and organise friendly competition. For a party away from the home, host the celebration at a local arcade. Adults can rent a banquet hall and games tables and slot machines. Hire dealers for the evening. For a small group of adult friends, treat the birthday girl to a day at a nearby casino where you can take in a live performance.

Sleepover Party

Girls of nearly any age usually enjoy a good slumber party. Allow young children to make personal-size pizzas and cupcakes. Set up the party room with sleeping bags and have a movie to enjoy before bedtime. For preteens, teenagers and young adults, consider an overnight party at a hotel. Arrange for the event to begin shortly after dinnertime and enjoy a swim in the hotel's pool or a soak in the spa tub. Spend the rest of the evening in the room ordering room service, watching movies and chatting with good friends.

Spa Party

Pampering is a favourite pastime of many little girls, teenagers and adults. For a little girl's spa party, set up a table or two to offer manicures with nail lacquer, light make-up application and a little bit of body glitter. For teenagers and adults, consider a birthday party at a spa where the group can enjoy mini facials, manicures and pedicures, makeovers and hairstyles. Mobile spa services offer spa treatments in the home or other party venue.

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