Kids Crazy Hairstyles

Updated April 17, 2017

Children from elementary to high school age often come to their parents with the desire to sport a crazy hairstyle. This can be in response to a school spirit week, a holiday celebration or a childhood desire to branch out from the ordinary. Parents wonder what kinds of hairstyles are appropriate for children -- but children have many hairstyle options as they do not yet need to conform to adult social standards. Crazy hairstyles allow kids to express themselves as only children can.


The Mohawk gained popularity with the 1980s punk scene, but today kids like to sport the crazy hairstyle. Mohawks are fashioned by shaving both sides of the head leaving a 1 inch strip of hair from front to back. Use gel or temporary colouring agents to make the hair stick up. For girls who do not want to shave their heads, bun-hawks use the same theme by gathering the hair along the top part of the head and tying it in a series of ponytails from front to back. Tie the individual ponytails into buns.

Shaved Designs

Shaved hairstyles for boys keep hair short and easy to clean, but shaved heads can also be a palette for shaved designs. By using a buzz cut razor when shaving a boy's head parents can leave a portion of the hair unshaved in any number of designs including initials or the logo of a favourite sport's team. Sporting these designs on the back of the head is a way for the child to show originality or support during spirit week celebrations, team playoffs or holidays.

Asymmetrical Styles

Asymmetrical hairstyles give kids a crazy look. Girls sometimes curl or braid one side of their head while leaving the other straight. Boys sometimes shave or cornrow one side. Side ponytails or colouring one side of the head achieves the same effect. Teens and preteens also cut their hair asymmetrically, leaving one side longer than the other for a look typically called "punk" or "scene."

Braiding and Beading

Braiding hair as well as threading beads, ribbon or craft floss into hair is popular with young girls. During the summer girls can be seen sporting small portions of hair wrapped in craft floss or braided with beads. These summer pool styles are good all year round. With enough patience parents can even corn row, braid or thread the entire head for a larger effect. These styles stay on in the hair longer and can last for up to a month before growing out.

Coloured Hair

Colouring a child's hair is sometimes discouraged by parents, but childhood is one of the few times when crazy coloured hair is socially acceptable and many children enjoy the chance to sport bright coloured locks. During Halloween chemists and costume stores sell spray-in temporary hair dyes in a multitude of colours including blue, green, red, orange, gold, black and silver. These dyes are sprayed in the hair and wash out in the shower. Check the bottles to make sure they do not stain clothing or skin. Dyes can be used to accent other styles such as the Mohawk or applied on their own.

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