The best kids haircuts

Updated April 17, 2017

An important consideration for parents when thinking about the right haircut for their child is the manageability of the haircut. The choice of haircut would be influenced by the age of the child. For example, toddlers would require short, simple, gender-specific styles, while children between 4 and 10 years old, who are more independent and active, can go with slightly longer haircuts requiring some level of styling attention that are still easy to manage. After age 10, children generally become more style conscious and may have more of an opinion in their choice of haircut.

Toddler Girls

The best haircuts for girls ages 1 to 3 are short haircuts, making them easy for the parents to maintain and less obstructive for the child. At this age, it's important for parents that the child has a "girl" look to instantly differentiate her from boys in the same age group. The haircut should also easily allow for accessorising with bows and clips.

If the child has straight hair, the best haircut would be a straight bob or a layered wedge, with or without a fringe. The fringe shouldn't fall over the child's eyes. For a girl with curly or wavy hair, the hair can be cropped to just below the chin or shorter, allowing for a simple, easy-to-maintain style.

Older Girls

Girls who are 4 to 10 years old can sport longer hairstyles. Thick hair can be layered to provide lightness and can be worn loose. Thin, silky hair can be grown out finished with a neat trim or outward flicks at the ends, worn in a side parting. In both cases, a side sweep or fringe could be added for extra style.

Toddler Boys

Very short haircuts are best suited to boys ages 1 to 3. A buzz cut is a neat cut that is easy to manage and can be sported by boys with all types of hair. If parents choose to go with a simple short haircut, boys with thin hair can wear their haircuts in a side parting and boys with thicker wavier hair can wear theirs simply combed to the front for easy maintenance. This is known as a Caesar hairstyle.

Older Boys

Haircuts can go a little longer for boys who are 4 to 10 years old. Straight or wavy hair can be grown to jaw length, give or take a few inches, for a casual look. Curly hair can be grown fully out for a fun style with easy manageability. Short and spiky haircuts are also options, as well as are crewcut type haircuts, with the front of the hair left a little longer than the back for added style. These haircuts can be cut in a traditional way or done with a slightly more modern twist involving longer fronts, side sweeps, fringes and spikes.

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