Tips for Troubleshooting the Bissell Model 9500

Updated March 23, 2017

The Bissell 9500, also known as the Bissell Pro Heat 2X CleanShot upright deep cleaner, is an upright carpet cleaning system that uses brushes and a heating system to steam clean a carpet or rug. Occasionally, you may encounter issues when using your Bissell 9500. Try some simple troubleshooting tips to see if you can correct the problem without having to call in a repair person.

No Steam/Spray

The Bissell 9500 relies on a built-in light that illuminates when the water inside the steamer is hot enough to be used. Sometimes the light will not illuminate, which could be a cause for concern. Bissell suggests that you turn the heater switch and power switch both in the "On" position. The light could also not be coming on because there is not enough water in the steamer. Add more tap water to the steamer and wait for the light to illuminate, signalling that the steamer is ready to be used. You should also check the formula tank as well, which must be filled with the Bissell fibre cleansing formula that works in conjunction with the steam.

Brushes Will Not Turn

The Bissell 9500 uses dual brushes that simultaneously help pick up and brush away dirt embedded deep within a carpet. If these brushes don't spin, the carpet cleaner will not work properly. Turn off the unit and restart it by unplugging it and then plugging it back into the outlet. Remember that the brushes do not rotate when the cleaner is in its upright position. It is designed to use the dual brushes when the unit is reclined and you are using the detent pedal.

Cleaner Is Ineffective

For some reason, you can't exactly pinpoint your problems to one particular area because the carpet cleaner just isn't cleaning anything. However, before you declare it broken and useless, try adjusting the ReadyTools dial to the correct setting. If you are using any of the supplied cleaning tools, the setting must be adjusted to "Tools." Set the dial to "Floor" when using the cleaner on the carpet without any attachments. Check the water and fluid levels as well, and make sure the tank is securely hooked into the bottom groove of the tank. Often a solution to this problem is to clean the water and fluid tank itself, because over time the tank picks up a lot of dirt and debris that can interfere with proper operation.

When to Call for Help

Bissell suggests that anything outside of these basic troubleshooting problems should be handled by an authorised service repair representative. Signs of problems after completing basic troubleshooting are an indicator of potentially bigger issues. If the Bissell 9500 is still under warranty, call the company and request service. If you have owned the product for a time period longer than any factory or extended warranty, you should bring the unit to an appliance repair centre or a vacuum cleaner repair store.

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