13-year anniversary gifts for men

Updated April 17, 2017

When you celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary, you can give your husband either a traditional or a modern gift. The traditional 13th anniversary gift is lace, while textiles or faux fur are considered to be modern gifts. It may be a challenge to find a lace gift suitable for a man, but there are a variety of textiles or woven materials that can be used as a creative gift choice.

A Romantic Gift

If you wish to give your husband the traditional gift of lace, then plan for a romantic night. Prepare all of his favourite foods, and dine by candlelight. After the meal is finished, move to the second part of your present. Show your husband the new lace negligee that you purchased and enjoy the rest of your anniversary night.


For the modern gift of textiles, select any woven material. If you'd like, buy your husband a fancy new suit. You can also give him a more casual gift, such as a jersey from his favourite football team or a new baseball hat. Another option is to surprise your guy with a pair of silk pyjamas.

A Romantic Getaway

Blend the modern gift of textiles with a romantic getaway. Give your husband towels and a surprise trip to the beach (so he will be able to use those new towels). Or give him a new, warm winter coat and a romantic weekend getaway in the mountains. If you want a more exotic trip, then give him a beret and a trip to Paris. Just make sure that his passport is current before you book the trip.

13 Gifts

Since this is your 13th anniversary, give your husband 13 small gifts. If your husband loves to read, buy him 13 books from his favourite genre. If he is a video gamer, buy him 13 new video games. For a sports fan, buy 13 baseball cards. Focus on your husband's interests, and pick 13 gifts that will be sure to please him.

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