Problems With Low Oil in a Speed Triple Engine

Written by jen davis
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The Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle is a three-cylinder, 1050cc motor cycle from British manufacturer Triumph. The motorcycle was introduced in 1994 and has gone through a series of changes and metamorphoses until it has reached the powerful incarnation it is in today, featuring significantly more horsepower than earlier models. The Speed Triple is essentially a sport bike, though it features a more streamlined, less aerodynamic design than most of the bikes in the same category.

Triumph Speed Triple Engine

The Speed Triple is unique because the majority of modern street bikes and almost all street bikes manufactured by Triumph's competitors feature four-cylinder engines. In terms of oil, the Triumph Speed Triple is designed to use Mobile 1 15w50 engine oil. Mobile 15w50 is for high-performance engines and costs between £5 and £7 per quart.

Reasons for Low Engine Oil in the Triple Speed

The Triple Speed engine does not have any specific, consistantly documented problems that cause a low oil condition within the engine. Low oil can be caused by a number of different mechanical problems and failures. A lack of proper maintenance or failure to use the correct type of oil are the most common causes of low oil problems. Problems that can occur include mechanical failure of the engine, primarily the pistons and rods. Loss of lubrication can significantly shorten the lifespan of the Triple Speed's engine, even if the engine does not fail immediately.

The Speed Triple's may exeperience a low engine oil condition either due to leaks, the engine using oil due to extended periods of high performance or low quality oil not lubricating the engine properly and providing the correct lubrication and cooling and trigger the low engine oil light.

Why Low Engine Oil is a Problem for the Triple Speed

Running without enough oil, or with a low quality oil in a high performance engine, such as the Speed Triple's three-cylinder motor, can cause a lack of lubrication that can damage the engine over time.

Engine oil serves as a lubricant to keep the metal components of the motor working together smoothly without generating too much friction and heat. Metal on metal contact without the benefit of lubricant can damage the fragile inner workings of modern engines. If an engine is run without oil, it will almost certainly acquire lasting damage and may even have to be completely rebuilt.

Low Oil Problems

The Speed Triple has a sensitive engine oil monitoring system. The low oil light should come on when you turn the key in the Speed Triple, but it should turn off immediately when the bike starts. If the low oil light comes on while the bike is operating, the engine should be shut off immediately and the bike should not be started again until the cause of the low oil can be diagnosed and properly repaired.

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