How to Reset the Dash Lights in an Mazda Rx8

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You can reset and turn off the dash warning lights on your Mazda RX8 right from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. When you see one of these lights illuminate on your instrument panel, you need to have the vehicle looked at and repaired by a qualified mechanic.

All of the mechanical and electrical functions of the vehicle are monitored by the On-Board Diagnostic computer. The computer receives trouble codes from sensors positioned throughout the vehicle and it alerts you to any problems or servicing needs of the Mazda via warning lights on the dashboard.

Locate the fuse panel cover under the steering wheel and open it by pulling down on it with your fingers.

Find the Engine Control Unit (ECU) fuse in the panel. You can find this by examining the fuse diagram that is located on the under part of the fuse panel cover.

Locate the fuse pullers within the fuse panel. Use the fuse pullers to remove the ECU.

Put the key into the ignition and turn it to the "on" position, taking care not to start the engine. Wait for three minutes. Shut off the ignition.

Put the ECU fuse back in place and turn the engine on. Check to make sure all warning lights have turned off. Put the fuse pullers and fuse panel cover back in place.