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How to reset the airbag light in a Peugeot 206

After seatbelts, airbags have become the main safety device to prevent drivers and passengers suffering serious injuries as a result of a collision. They detonate with a small explosive charge in the blink of an eye, cushioning a person’s head from hitting the steering wheel or other object. An airbag warning light is fitted to any car with an airbag and will light up if there is something wrong with the system. This should not be taken lightly, but you can do a simple check yourself before consulting a professional.

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Checking connections

  1. Put the key in the ignition and turn the engine on. Make sure the airbag light is still remaining on after a few seconds. Look under both the driver and passenger seats and look for wires leading up to the seat from the seat belt tensioners - these can become loose when seats are regularly moved backwards and forwards or if liquids are spilled in the car. If this has been the case it can make the airbag light go off.

  2. Get a torch and check the wires for breakages, wetness or other bad connections. If the lead is clearly not inserted properly, try and click it back in place, making sure not to touch any exposed metal wiring. If you are not confident enough to inspect the wires closely, try sitting in each of the front seats in turn and sliding them backwards and forwards and seeing if the light goes off after several movements back and forth.

  3. If you have the ability to turn your airbags on and off with your key, turn them on and off several times.

  4. Take your car to a Peugeot dealer or other specialist that works with airbags if these simple tips don’t work. Don’t take any risks because unless you know what you are doing, working with airbag systems can be very dangerous.

  5. Warning

    Don't remove or reconnect any wires if you don't know what they do or where they were initially connected.

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Things You'll Need

  • Torch

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