How do I reset a Mini Cooper low-air-in-tyre light on a dashboard computer?

Steve Finn/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The first Mini Cooper rolled off the assembly line in 1959 and was designed with affordability in mind. In 2001, BMW took over production of the Mini Cooper and integrated many of the styling cues seen in previous model generations.

Like many other modern vehicles produced today, the all-new Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S features a safety system to warn drivers whenever the vehicle senses low air pressure in one of the tires. After replacing the tyres on your Mini Cooper, you must reset the tyre pressure monitoring system to avoid false dashboard display warnings.

Check the tyre pressure of all four tyres using a tyre pressure gauge. Open up the driver's side door and examine the sticker on the door jamb for the correct air-pressure readings for your vehicle.

Turn the vehicle on and make sure the gear is in neutral.

Press the "BC" button located on the end of the indocators lever repeatedly until the instrument panel displays "SET/INFO." Hold the "BC" button until the instrument panel displays the "SET" option.

Press the "BC" button repeatedly until you see "ACTIVE RESET" displayed on the screen. Hold the "BC" button until "RESETTING" appears on the instrument panel.

Drive the vehicle normally until the amber-coloured tyre-pressure monitoring system warning light is no longer lit.