3 month anniversary gifts

Written by rayzelle forrest young | 13/05/2017
3 month anniversary gifts
It's a good idea to keep it simple and inexpensive for a three-month anniversary gift. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Since you've only been together for three months, you don't want to go overboard and spend too much but you do want to show the other person that they are special to you. There are several ways you can achieve this without burning a whole in your pocket and still creating a memorable three-month anniversary.


Present your significant other with a bouquet of flowers along with a card. Flowers and a card are an inexpensive but thoughtful gift that lets the other person know you feel your time together has been special. If you want to be more creative, have the bouquet arranged with three different kinds of flowers, one representing every month you've been together.


Compile your partner's favourite songs on a CD and present it to them. You could also give them a DVD of their favourite movie. Another favourites idea is to give them a box filled with their favourite candy or a gift basket filled with their favourite foods. If your partner enjoys reading magazines, give them a subscription to one of their favourite magazines.


Give the gift of shopping for your three-month anniversary. By now, you may know what stores your significant other likes to frequent. This could be a store specialising in music, electronics, clothing, perfume or even candy. Since it has only been three months, keep your gift token under £32. Wait to spend more money when you make it to six months.

Dinner and a Movie

Take your partner out to dinner and then to a movie to celebrate your three-month anniversary. It doesn't have to be a fancy or expensive restaurant, just one that the two of you can enjoy. You could also cook dinner for your partner and stay at home to watch a movie. If you went to see a movie on your first date, celebrate by rewatching that same movie after a home-cooked candlelight dinner.

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