How to freeze a chicken liver pâté

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Meat pâtés, such as those prepared from chicken livers, are a tasty accompaniment as an appetiser or sandwich spread. While you can purchase chicken liver pâté ready-made, you can also quickly and easily prepare it at home.

As pâté is a perishable meat product, you must use appropriate storage measures when keeping it for a longer duration. By using the correct freezing techniques to store chicken liver pâté, you will reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and prevent food-borne illnesses.

Wrap the chicken liver pâté in a cling film. If you have prepared the pâté at home, you can freeze the whole amount or individual slices. Tightly wrap cling film around the piece or pieces. Freeze the whole pâté loaf if you plan to use it in one go after defrosting. Freeze individual slices if you are going to use small serving portions over a period of time.

Place an aluminium foil over the cling film and cover the pâté completely. Put a freezer label on the aluminium foil mentioning the date that you froze the pâté, for your reference. You can freeze the pâté for around one month.

Place the pâté in the refrigerator for 12 hours prior to serving in order to defrost. You can also leave the pâté at room temperature to thaw for around five hours.