Decorating Ideas for a Red and Grey Living Room

Updated February 21, 2017

Red and grey is a sleek colour combination. Decorate your living room with this dynamic colour duo to give the space a modern style. Add drama to the look through the use of metallic and black decor items. Touches of white will help to lighten up the appeareance and give the room a more airy feel.

Red Walls

If you want to create a red and grey living room scheme, start with toffee apple red walls. The vibrant wall colour will give the space a dramatic look and instantly jazz up plain grey furniture. To create a coordinated look, place red decorative pillows and throw blankets on a grey couch and love seat set. Add comfort and brightness to hardwood or tile floors with plush red rugs. If you are dealing with a small space, or are not ready for the boldness of red on all of the walls, consider using the colour on an accent wall only.

Silver Accents

Elegant silver decor items and accessories will complement a red and grey living room. For a modern look, choose a coffee table featuring shiny silver legs and a sleek glass top. A shiny silver vase filled with delicate red roses will provide a juxtaposition of colour and texture. Install silver wall sconces above a red couch and choose standing lamps featuring silver bases.

Playful Patterns

Give a red and grey living room a playful look through the use of patterns. If the room has hardwood or tile flooring, place a large black-and-white zebra-printed rug in the centre. You can also enhance red or grey chairs and couches with zebra-printed decorative pillows. As another option, decorate with bold geometric patterns. Hang a large red, grey, black and white painting, featuring abstract square and circle designs, above a fireplace or couch.

Black and White Touches

White will add a fresh touch to a red and grey living room, while black will infuse the space with sophistication. If the room features grey walls, decorate with a combination of red and white couches and chairs.

As another idea, paint the room walls a crisp white shade to set the stage for red and grey decor.

If you prefer a darker look, enhance a red and grey room with black wood or acrylic furniture, such as a matching coffee table and entertainment centre set. Choose floor lamps featuring black wrought-iron bases and decorate a wall shelf with wrought-iron candlesticks filled with red taper candles.

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