Bible Science Object Lessons for Kids

Written by megan shoop
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Science isn't just for school. In a Christian household, you can use science experiments to support object lessons about the Bible and living a Christian life. You can also use science in a general way to show children how the world that God made works.

Full of Living Water

This object lesson works well for smaller and older children. Children 14 and up can perform this object lesson with minimal adult supervision. Smaller children, however, should just observe. The experiment begins with an air-filled balloon. Hold the balloon up to a lit candle or match. The flame will quickly melt the balloon and cause it to pop. The balloon represents a person empty of the Holy Spirit or Living Water of God. Fill a second balloon with cool water and hold it over the flame. The balloon will not pop. The lesson is that sin can make us feel empty and disconnected from God, whereas if we are filled with "living water," we will be saved.

Protected from Fire

This lesson supports the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, three men in the Old Testament who refused to worship Babylonian gods. The king ordered them to be incinerated in a huge furnace but the fire did not harm them. Demonstrate how belief in God can provide salvation by mixing equal parts water and rubbing alcohol in a glass along with a generous pinch of table salt and a drop of orange food colouring. Dip a cotton handkerchief in the glass and wring it out so that it's wet but not dripping. Move the glass out of the way and hold the handkerchief with tongs. Have a fire extinguisher handy in case of an accident. Light a corner of the cloth on fire. It should burn about 30 seconds and then go out. The handkerchief should be completely unharmed.

Walking on Water

This lesson works well as a follow-up to the story of Peter jumping out of his fishing boat. He and his fellow fishermen spied Jesus standing on the water. Peter's faith was so great that he ran on top of the water to Jesus. As he saw the storm around him and felt fear, however, he began to sink. Children learn with this lesson that you have to remain faithful and keep moving to avoid sinking in your own fear.

Fill a shallow plastic tub with water. The tub should be at least 10 inches deep and three- to four-feet long. Add one lb. of cornstarch to the mix for every three cups of water. Stir until you create a thick mix that "pushes" against your hand when you place it in the tub. Demonstrate that running across this mix allows you to remain on the surface but stopping in fear causes you to sink.

Wind of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is called the "wind of God" in the Bible. This lesson provides a visual aid for how this wind pulls you closer to God. Set about 20 drinking straws parallel to each other, spacing them ½ inch apart. Take two empty soda cans and use masking tape to label one "You" and the other "God." Place the cans on top of the drinking straws about two inches apart. Hold another drinking straw in your mouth. Position the end of the straw between the cans and blow hard. This creates an area of low air pressure that should draw the cans together.

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