9 Year-old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

At 9 years old, children are ready to start playing an important role in planning their own party. From the party theme to the games and even the type of cake, young girls will love having a say in how their birthday party should play out. If you are hosting a birthday party for a 9-year-old girl, you may be unsure of how to make the day special for her and her guests. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a day that she will never forget.


The theme of your child's part can help set the tone and guide the events of the day. Work with your child to choose the theme that is right for her. For example, if your child is interested in dance, you may choose a ballet-themed party, or host dance lessons for the children. Other possible themes are slumber parties, tea parties, princess-themed parties or carnival themes. These themes can be followed as closely or as loosely as you prefer. For example, a princess party may be as simple as having the birthday girl wearing a crown or as involved as hiring a jester.


Games are a festive way to entertain children at the party. For this age group, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and musical chairs are still options if there are younger children also playing, but the birthday girl might prefer different games such as scavenger hunts, make-up games, hula hooping contests, tag, relay races, limbo or even board games. Another favourite game for 9-year-old children is called "Telephone." Children sit in a circle and take turns whispering a secret into each other's ear. By the time the message reaches the last person in the circle, it may sound very different from the original message.


The menu for the party can be based on the theme, or made up of simple party foods that the children and guests can snack on over the course of the party. Slices of pizza, vegetable and cheese trays and chips and dip are favourite handheld party foods. For slumber parties, girls can be given snacks like chips and candy, but it's a good idea to also provide fresh fruit and sliced vegetables to help curb any stomach aches.


The birthday girl will likely open presents from guests at the party. However, you should have some presents to offer the guests as well so they do not feel too left out. This is especially important for younger party guests. For example, as a prize for games and contests, give the winners books, candy or other small gifts they might enjoy. Gift bags are nice gestures to offer the guests on their way out. These are often filled with candy, small toys and plastic or rubber jewellery.

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