Bible Crafts for the Little Children Who Come to Jesus

Updated July 18, 2017

In the Bible story of Luke 18:15-17, adults tried to keep the children away from bothering Jesus. This brought the response of "Let the little children come to me."

Jesus went on to say that those who did not believe as a little child would never get to heaven. Today's children can learn through Bible lessons and hands-on crafts that Jesus loves them very much and that he wants them to love him, too.

Stacking Story Characters

Provide each child with four or more clay pots, each a little smaller than the last. Younger children can colour and cut out pictures of Jesus and of three or more children of differing ages. Glue one picture onto each of the upside-down clay pots. Jesus should be on the largest pot and a baby on the smallest. Older children can use markers or craft paints to paint a figure of Jesus or a child onto each pot. Place the smallest pot on a table surface, then each of the larger ones until the Jesus figure fits over the entire stack of pots. The children may use their stacking story characters to retell and act out the Bible story.

Jesus Calls Children Crown

Provide several colouring pictures of individual children and also one picture of Jesus. Have the children cut the pictures out and colour them.Give each child two strips of paper about 4 inches tall and 12 inches long. Tape the strips together to make a 24-inch-long strip of paper. Fit the crowns to each child's head. Cut off the excess and tape the seam at the back of the crown. Have the children glue a picture of Jesus at the front of the crown and the pictures of the children around the remainder of the crown.

Jesus and the Children Quilt

Have children use crayons to draw a picture of Jesus and the children on 8- by 8-inch pieces of paper. You may choose to have the children colour a pre-printed picture. Encourage the children to press hard on the crayons to put maximum colour on the pictures. The children may also outline the figures on the picture with a dark coloured crayon. Help the children place the paper picture onto an 8-by-8 square of white fabric, making sure the crayon side is facing the fabric. Use a warm iron to press the paper and transfer the crayon picture onto the fabric. Have the children lay their fabric pictures out on a large piece of cardboard. Glue the four corners of each picture onto the cardboard, arranging the pictures to look like blocks on a quilt. Display the quilt. You may remove the quilt blocks after a few weeks and send the fabric blocks home with the children.

Jesus and Me Wall Display

Place a large cutout of Jesus in a white robe on the wall. Have the children press their handprints with paint on the robe. Write each child's name by their handprints. Older children may also write a phrase or verse to express their appreciation for Jesus' love.

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