"Sound of Music" Birthday Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

"The Sound of Music" was a popular movie musical based on the story of the Von Trapp family of singers. In the musical, a precocious nun, Maria, becomes the governess for the seven impish children of the insufferable Captain Von Trapp. Over the course of the musical, she wins the hearts of the children and their father, eventually giving up her habit and marrying the captain. Songs from the Rogers and Hammerstein songwriting team are sung throughout. "The Sound of Music" is a favourite for many. For those who love the songs, characters and scenery of the film, it serves as inspiration for a birthday party theme.

Sweet 16 Party Song

In the musical, a song is sung called "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." Print out the words to the song and have the party guests sing it to the birthday girl at a sweet 16 party after they sing "Happy Birthday." This song is appropriate because the day of the party, the girl is 16 years old and now "going on 17." For a young child who turns 6, change the lyrics to "you are six going on seven" or alter the lyrics for older adults to "you are 26 going on 27" or "36 going on 37."


Have the guests wrap all of the presents in brown paper and use plain string instead of ribbons to tie them. This alludes to the song in the musical "My Favorite Things" which has a line about "brown paper packages tied up with string" as being one of the favourite things. Be sure that the guests clearly label their packages. You can also use brown paper bags with a string tied into a bow on top for giving away party favours.

Party Food

Serve apple strudel in addition to or instead of cake. This dessert appears as one of the favourite things in the song. It is basically apple pie filling with puff pastry rolled around it. Recipes for it are available on the Internet, or you can purchase strudel from a bakery. For anyone who likes apple pie, apple strudel will be a sure favourite.

Party Costumes

For younger children and adults who like to dress up, wearing costumes to the party will add to the festive atmosphere. Girls can wear simple white dresses with blue ribbons made of satin tied around their waists for a sash. Alternatively, boys and girls can wear green jumpers in reference to the green "play clothes" Maria made from the drapes in her room for the children. Look for replica costumes of these from costume shops or sew your own with a jumper pattern to fit your child. Adult women might want to dress as nuns or men wear World War Two-era suits as the men in the film did.

Movie Sing-Along

For a longer party, have a movie singalong. Put in a DVD of "The Sound of Music" and turn on the captions. The party attendees then have the lyrics on the screen to sing with the characters during the songs. You might want to skip to just the songs if you are short on time, since the movie is nearly three hours long.

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