Jungle themed children's activities

Updated February 21, 2017

Jungle themed children's activities can provide for a wild, fun time in the classroom or at home. There are a number of activities children can partake in that have a jungle theme, whether they be educational activities about the world's jungles or just to pass the time. Learning some jungle themed activity ideas for kids can create some wildly good times for children.

Jungle Party

Have a jungle-themed party, be it for a birthday or as a school activity. Kids can dress up as their favourite jungle animals, such as a toucan, leopard, monkey, gorilla or tiger, and enjoy seeing other costumes their friends create. Serve food such as exotic fruits, tropical punch and trail mixes. Have a costume contest where kids can get small prizes. You can even put a jungle twist on old party favourites with bobbing for bananas or pin the spot on the leopard, or you can have a jungle animal pinata.

Jungle Animal Crafts

Creating jungle animals from craft supplies is another activity that can yield a cute jungle creature. Have kids make animals from construction paper, papier mache, or paint them. You could even make animal masks using paper plates and decorate them to look like different animal faces. Another idea to make this educational is to have kids research the animal they are creating and do a short report on it to go alongside their artwork.

Zoo Trip

Take a trip to the zoo to view some jungle creatures. If this is a school activity, do a little research on your local zoo to see what jungle animals it has, and assign one animal to each of the students to observe. If this is a home activity, it's a great idea for a child's birthday or as a surprise outing.

Jungle Room

Decorate a room to look like a jungle habitat. In a classroom, you could dedicate one wall to decorating with a jungle theme. Make tall trees out of brown and green construction paper, and have kids make paper animals to put on trees. At home, you could do this to make your child's room into a festive jungle theme. Use vines on curtain rods or stick them to walls, hanging down with stuffed animals hanging off them.

Make a Rainforest

Children can make models of rainforests to present in class along with a report about the specific rainforest they are researching. They can include any pertinent details, such as how big the forest is, whether it is in danger of being wiped out, how its ecosystem works and what animals are prevalent there. Make models out of clay and poster board, and the children can use Popsicle sticks and green construction paper to make trees.

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