Cheap birthday gift ideas for a boyfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Giving inexpensive but thoughtful birthday gifts to a boyfriend can be a fun and playful way to show your affection. Cheap doesn't have to mean boring or ordinary. Gifts such as toys and games, gag gifts or nostalgic, unusual and hard-to-find items can be very successful as birthday presents. Unique and unexpected presents can be reasonably priced. But while you may not need much money, finding that perfect gift without busting your budget does require some thought. Consider your boyfriend's hobbies and passions.

Boys to Men: Toys and Nostalgia

Try and imagine what your man was like as a boy. Chances are that what he liked then is something that he'll be interested in now in an upgraded version. Boys like toys and gadgets no matter what their age. Was he interested in flying? There are many inexpensive flight simulator games and radio controlled aeroplane and helicopter gizmos. Did he play sports? There are countless interactive sports games that can be had for a reasonable price. Has he ever mentioned wanting a toy from his childhood that he wasn't able to get? Try auction sites that sell used and collectable toys. Almost any toy from any time period can be found and bought at auction, often for very little money.

Small But Useful Tools

Get over the idea that something practical and useful is boring. While women generally don't like to receive super practical gifts like gadgets, many men are quite the opposite. Men love tools. Tools are often as fun toys for a guy, especially if they are unusual. If your boyfriend fancies himself a handyman or a gadget aficionado, look at tools, hardware and gadgets. This category includes everything from car gadgets to Mr. fix-it accessories to cool knife and bottle opener sets. These types of gifts come at all price points, but they always include many very inexpensive options.

The Gift of Gag

Gag and joke gifts are another option that can appeal to men of all ages. Gag presents run the spectrum from the completely outrageous to the relatively simple. An outrageous gift might be something on the risque side. Simple gifts include T-shirts, mugs or other items with favourite characters or sayings on them. These kinds are presents are very inexpensive and also highly personal. You need to understand your boyfriend's sense of humour and personality well before attempting a joke gift.

Sentimental Gifts

Give a gift that reminds your loved one of you and your relationship. Give him a gift token to the restaurant where you had your first date. Have a photograph of the two of you professionally printed and framed. Get tickets to an event that you can attend together. These are cheap options that will make him happy while showing the importance of your relationship. It's his birthday, but you can include yourself in the fun.

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